We use an interdisciplinary team approach to rehabilitation: we've brought together highly skilled physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech language pathologists to provide the most efficient, effective treatment possible for our patients.

We have had outstanding results in treating children who suffer from musculoskeletal, neurological, developmental impairments as well as ADD, ADHD, and Autism.

Aptus believes in going above and beyond for their patients when it comes to their experience with our facilities. We understand that getting better isn't simply about going through the motions of therapy but it is also about embodying a new outlook in mind, body and spirit in order to receive successful outcomes with our therapy.


Aptus Therapy Services exists to improve the quality of life for those Rio Grande Valley residents needing physical, occupational, and speech therapy that is provided and supported by experienced and compassionate professionals.

Vision Statement

Aptus Therapy Services will be recognized as a leader in rehabilitation care in South Texas, providing quality and innovative care to the patients it serves.


Experience, compassion, respect, integrity, accountability

We help move you forward
Where quality and compassion go hand in hand


Since the opening in 1996 of Aptus' first location in Edinburg, Texas, Aptus has expanded to three other cities in the Rio Grande Valley. These facilities are located in Rio Grande City, Roma, and McAllen.

Aptus employs approximately 60 clinical and administrative staff, which include physical therapists and assistants, occupational therapists and assistants, speech-language pathologists and assistants, rehabilitation technicians, administrative support staff, community educators, and management.

A variety of amenities are offered to our patients in order to ensure a positive experience with our company. These amenities include:

  • ⦁ Free Hearing Screenings
  • ⦁ Weekly Activities for Patients featured in house.
  • ⦁ Fun-Loving and Compassionate Staff!

Because we understand that the needs of every individual are different when it comes to therapy, our staff can help with finding additional resources to help accommodate our patients.

  • ⦁ Individualized Home Exercise Programs in all disciplines
  • ⦁ Educational Information Workshops for parents.
  • ⦁ Annual Health Fairs for our patients and the public

Quality and Compassion... To Us They Are More Than Just Words, They Are Beliefs That Go Hand In Hand!