I would like to start off by saying how appreciative I am of having been given the opportunity to receive PT from a very talented and professional staff. I would like to say a special thanks to Kathleen and Todd who have just been super to work with; they have been very patient and supportive in my efforts. They have struggled to teach me how to develop skills that I need for stretching and building strength in my muscles. They have worked with me in trying to better my balance.

I have acquired the skills that will help me to apply techniques to stretch my muscles and reduce the stiffness and leg cramps. Some stiffness is a daily challenge, but the leg cramp have been reduced and when they do occur, I have the stretching skills to minimize them.

I have learned ways to help with my problems concerning balance. I have not suffered a fall since starting this program. These skills will help me better prepare for the challenges that I must face in the future, Parkinsonís and Spinal Stenosis. There are ongoing discussions with medical staff about future medical procedures such as surgery for the stenosis as well as DBS for the Parkinsonís. We will see what the Good Lord has planned for me and we will go from there. I intend to give it my all. You may not get rid of this old man so fast (just kidding).

I chose to type this because my hand writing is very poor as a result of Parkinsonís.

~ K. J.