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Functional Capacity Evaluations

What is F.C.E

It is a systematic method of measuring an individual's ability to perform meaningful tasks on a safe and dependable basis.


How Does an F.C.E benefit both the employers Workers and their Families?

  • Reduces the negative effects on workers

  • Allow unions to continue to protect the employment tights of their members

  • Allow the health care provider  to develop more specialized treatment plans

  • Provide support for the primary care provider in the return  to work decision

  • Employers retain experienced employees while reducing accident and workplace costs

Our Services:

  • Flexible scheduling with morning, lunch time, and early evening appointments

  • Four convenient locations throughout the upper Rio Grande Valley

  • Experienced and Certified staff

  • Friendly and caring bilingual staff

  • Accessible facilities for individuals with special needs

  • Aquatic therapy program


What is Industrial Rehabilitation?

The treatment of individuals who have acquired an injury or disability during the course of their work, with the aim of enabling them to return to work or to a new job,  for an overall improved livelihood.

Industrial rehabilitation also includes education of individuals about injury and techniques to safely preform their work.

Aptus Industrial Rehabilitation Includes

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation

  • Pre-employment screening

  • work Counseling programs

  • Ergonomic Education

  • Work Conditioning

At Aptus Therapy Services, we truly value the Clients that we serve.

Working together to determine the level at which an employee can safely function can save you money as well as further injury for the employee.

The Physical Therapy staff at Aptus is qualified to train your employees on safety in the workplace. For more information on this or any other services that we provide, feel free to contact us.

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